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Avoiding Parking Fines with Blazor and Geolocation

To do the point inside polygon calculations, I created a simple helper class Helpers/ZoneHelper.cs.

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How to Build an Interactive SPA with Blazor

I used to do a lot of .NET coding in the past, so when JavaScript became the rising star a few years ago, I was sad that Microsoft did not really have an answer to that. Over time, I found my way to Vue.js, but things like npm, webpack, bundling, deploying and others were quite a big bite for me fro...

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How to Launch a Beautiful Website from Headless Web Templates

Whenever I was faced with a task of quickly creating a page in the past, I went with WordPress. I already had a PHP-enabled server and a database installed on my machine, so I just needed to create a new database user, do some configuration work, and then it just worked. After a few hours to a few d...

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Extending CaaS Kentico Cloud With Custom Elements

When modeling content, you frequently stumble upon the need of storing data in specific structures that go beyond conventional types like string, number or list of options. Typical examples are countries and states. You can not use a free text field for this unless you fancy giving editors free rein...

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